No Business Like Show Business, A Love Letter to Events

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Whenever I tell people I plan events its always met with enthusiasm and excitement for how much fun that must be, and you know what? They are RIGHT. In the words of my first boss ever… there is NO BUSINESS like SHOW BUSINESS!

Looking back on the early days, we were in our 20’s, traveling across the United States to beautiful 5-star hotels, being pampered with suites, spa treatments, and endless amenities, having our work come alive in front of our eyes while working hand in hand with our co-workers, vendors, and hotel contacts to make ACTUAL MAGIC happen for our clients and customers. I didn’t know it then, but I was building my 2ND family, my event family, which has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. The things we have seen, survived, and overcome are battle wounds worn as badges of honor bonding us together forever. After a hard days work this same gang of magic makers would head out for dinner and drinks, and sometimes we wound up at dueling pianos in Disneyworld ripping shots and jaeger bombs until 1 am. Listen it got weird more times than it didn’t, but the late-night decisions were almost always worth the pain of 4 am alarms and hungover mornings.

From a business perspective I learned early and fast the implications of every decision and communication I made and sent. I don’t think there are many industries like events, especially event operations, where your success is determined in real-time, in front of everyone who matters both internally and externally. You are learning and adjusting as the event is happening. It’s a responsibility and a rush like few others. It has given me the ability to think quickly & effectively, to stay calm during crisis, and solve any problem presented. If you want an education in human behavior, become an event ops person (post pandemic of course). Because one day you might have a sponsor who spent 7k asking why they don’t have a room the size of a sponsor who spent 200k, and very seriously ask why you can’t move the wall (in the Hilton NY) over “just 10 feet”. Y’all that man was SERIOUS… I was seriously asked that question and I couldn’t laugh or roll my eyes or tell him to eff off… I had to solve this ridiculous