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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

As Kevin Costner said in Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come.” Well I am not building a baseball field in the backyard and I’m not sure they will come, but I’m going for it anyway!

Over the last few years, I have either been promoted or brought into companies to run their event portfolios as well as create, fix, streamline overall company operations and best practices which inevitably involves major internal cultural shifts. In those dark days of being a disrupter I began to form an idea, a dream so to speak, of a company created from the very beginning with the ideals, operations, and fundamentals I kept trying to instill in already established cultures.

A company whose culture is led by empathy, loyalty, creativeness, and hard work because those are the values shining through from the executive team. A company where shame and fear is blocked at the door, hard work is rewarded, and laziness and entitlement are shown the door (sorry no participation trophies here). An office that is welcoming and warm where people always feel valued and heard, and a lunchroom that includes a fountain soda machine (it’s a thing…IYKYK). There was just one thing always stopping me… what kind of company? I was building the dream, but what sort of field should it be?

The answer was right in front of my face, I just never imagined the answer would be a tech company. However, life takes us where we are meant to be no matter how many wrong fields we stop at, and last fall an integral part of my puzzle was found when my CEO placed me in charge of the company’s technology and tasked me with a complete redesign. At first I thought I was having a stroke, then I thought he was having some sort of neurological event where he thought this was a good idea, but neither of us was in the middle of a medical emergency and off I went to tackle this new responsibility. He had faith, I had a vision, and little did I know this new challenge would give me a critical piece in the I just need one good idea puzzle. I am happy to report that we are well on our way to the dream, but I am in need of some market research from all you event planners/executives out there. Please click here to complete our event tech polling survey.

My long story longer point is that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Trust the process, trust your gut, BE BRAVE, keep the faith, and keep those eyes and ears open for signs leading you to your next puzzle piece. It might just be the piece you need to build the field (or company) of your dreams.

We are busy building our platform because we believe that if we build a good product, you will come!

Until we can meet again, or I write another blog post.… much love.


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