Hamster Wheel For Sale!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

You know what makes being on the hamster wheel of progress or a roller coaster ride from hell bearable? It’s the fact that you know there is an end in sight. The ride will end, you the hamster will be able to get off the wheel.

For instance, there is a particularly difficult and busy 5-7 days in every event planning cycle…which I both affectionately and not so affectionately refer to as the event hamster wheel phase. Most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who do not, it’s a 3-5 day span less than a week out from move-in. Essentially, it’s the only window you have to correctly and precisely execute the plans and visions created by you and the team over the last 9-12 months of planning, changes and challenges are a plenty, and exhaustion is real (zero pressure sitch).

It’s been MONTHS since any of us have been on that hamster wheel, but you remember…you know what I’m talking about.

Signs FINALLY just went to print after 5 rounds of changes and unforgivable things said b/t team members (of which are immediately forgiven), and just then your sales guy walks over with the “don’t kill me but I just sold another sponsorship and I need them on all the signage” face. You look at him and think do I cut him with one of the 200 pages of BEO’s I’m in the middle of or do I call the signage vendor first? Of course, you call the vendor, forgo the cutting, and remind said sales guy he owes you all the while throwing in a veiled threat for good measure. Okay back to the BEO’s.

Ahh BEO’s…remember them? Ever think you’d miss them? Yea, no me either but I DO! GIVE ME ALL THE BEO’s… PLEASE and thank you! Now you’re halfway through and the conference producer slinks over with a cat that just ate the canary look on her face, and you KNOW it’s really bad when she has come bearing tasty treats. As it turns out she has had to add a panelist to the Thursday Track A and remove one from the Friday Track C, and oh is it possible to change rounds to classroom for Track B for all days because the moderator thinks it will facilitate a better discussion? Suuurre, no problem (which really it isn’t)… it’s not like I’ve gone through 100 pages of BEO’s meticulously which happen to be for Thursday and Friday… I’d love to go back and make those changes. While you’re annoyed you would much rather do it now than onsite, so back to page 1 you go.

Just then you get an email from your general contractor that they have every shipment on the list except for the show guides (which according to the tracking number were delivered yesterday) No show guid