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Even A Dumpster Fire Lights the Night

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I don’t know about all of you, but as we get 2021 in our eyesight’s I am holding on for dear life to make sure I see my way right the heck out of 2020 and divinely into 2021. Now, I am well aware that when we wake up on January 1 Covid will still be here, live events will still be on hold, and 6 feet apart won’t just be a Luke Combs song but still a way of life BUT it will start the march up towards the light which is really all we can ever ask for.

A newscaster said it best…. 2020 has been a shit show in a dumpster fire on a train wreck. A point of view I’m sure most if not all of us can agree with, but let’s face it even a dumpster fire lights the night. Over the past year I have done PLENTY of bitching, moaning and feeling sorry for myself (Yes you can have those moments when living in gratitude like I wrote about in Choosing Your Hard & Staying Grateful) but with a new year on the horizon I’m sort of over it. I’ve decided it’s time to let the negativity go and acknowledge that while it was a challenging year we have accomplished AMAZING things. Just surviving this year should be considered an accomplishment everything after that is AMAZING… say it with me we are AMAZING for all that we accomplished during this global pandemic!

I for one have turned my sights on my professional growth plan for 2021 (as mentioned in If You Build It, Will They Come?) and focusing on how I am going to be part of the solution…how are YOU going to make sure you and those around you are heading towards the light of better and brigher new year?

The way I see it, this year has given us more things and people to be thankful for than any other year in the last decade so IN THEORY we should all be starting out 2021 as better people with grateful hearts and a determination to be part of the solution. What a beautiful way to start the new year.

Merry Christmas & Happy HAPPY New Year! I’ll see you all on other side!

Much Love,


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