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Choosing Your Hard & Staying Grateful

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

A few weeks ago I came across the post below about choosing your hard, and it was one that stuck with me Unfortunately, I have no idea who created it, or who even posted it, but man did they hit the nail on the head.

After seeing it I started thinking about choosing your hard when it comes to business, and here is what I came up with.

The hard I choose is to be a leader who speaks up, even if it’s the unpopular opinion, and who leads with vulnerability. Always choosing to be overworked and over prepared. That is the hard I choose because I know that if at the end of the day it doesn’t work out, I will have tried my hardest.

Gratitude is easy when life is easy, but this year so many things are hard for so many people. As we approach Thanksgiving I’m choosing to be grateful for the hard things. Practicing gratitude is a choice (and one I HIGHLY suggest), and one that I made a few years ago after coming across Brene Brown’s books and specials. It is because of her work that I have chosen to live with and lead by vulnerability in an effort to live a wholehearted life, both personally and professionally. It’s the reason I was brave enough to even try to start my own company.

Much love & gratitude,


PS – If leading your life from a place of vulnerability is something you want to try get yourself acquainted with Brene Brown. Anyone who knows me knows she CHANGED my life (and I’ve never even met her). Here is how to best get yourself acquainted with her magic

1- Watch her TED talk on vulnerability

2- Watch her Netflix special A Call To Courage

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