50 Shades of Extreme...Getting Rid of the Go Big or Go Home Mentality

So many people, myself included, have always thought of go big or go home as a rallying cry for motivation. In fact, one-time yeaaars ago I emphatically yelled at my coordinator go big or go home and she looked and me and said…I’ll go home. Well that certainly backfired on me now didn’t it?

Recently I’ve been realizing more and more that people think the only choice is to give 150% or do absolutely nothing, and the mental anguish trying to decide which way to go is keeping us all stuck where we are and mentally (and potentially physically) exhausted. Why don’t we praise and encourage people who give us 25 – 50% on days when they didn’t want to get out of bed, and why don’t we ask those giving 150% all the time to slow down before they burn out?

The more I think about it the more I realize that the go big or go home mentality is a crutch, an excuse to stay exactly where you are…in your comfort zone, not changing, not growing and justifying it with well if I can’t go big, I’ll just stay home. Really think about it most people wait to start eating healthy until Monday and the second they slip they throw in the towel and say I guess we will start next Monday. Why not let the one slip be that and continue on your path. Others might go from not working out to training for a marathon…why not just start with a few walks a couple times a week and build up? We do the same thing with work. We have our teams working out of archaic systems & spreadsheets because the second we hear or see a new technology we decide it has to be integrated with EVE