Everyone at ArcatXP is family…no really our co-founders are brother and sister, and all of our advisors are former colleagues who have become family over the years.


In the middle of a global pandemic our CEO & co-founder found herself with a lot of free time and looking for what her next adventure would be.  Disillusioned by the idea of virtual events being the future and longing for the "good ole days", she began reflecting on the previous 15 years.   As she brainstormed and reminisced on her time as a leader of event teams, global divisions, and companies of all sizes in B2B, B2C and Medical Education she kept coming back to the same problem that needed fixing.  That problem was a total lack of integrated technologies that caters to the unique needs of tradeshows and the conference industry, and one that actually does what we need it to do at a sustainable price point.  The solution was and is to CREATE what is so badly needed... a solution to allow us to say farewell to spreadsheets!

As luck would have it Genna knew a brilliant software engineer, her brother, who has over 10 years in designing and developing platforms, global strategy, and creation of new technology IN a wide range of industries.  Our CTO & co-founder , Keith, took Genna’s idea and experience and brought ArcatXP to life.

The reason everything out there misses the mark just enough to not make it worth the internal battle is because those creating the technology are merely event spectators.  Those creators don't understand all the complexities and challenges we face as event professionals, but we do!

Our plan is GRAND and we hope you'll join us as we blaze a new path forward in event technology because you can bet your SaaS we're changing the event game!


To create relevant, effective, & integrated software solutions & apps for the unique needs of media companies & professional associations who are in the business of events.



To bring game-changing technology to the events industry, and be the go-to community for trends, updates, and content for event professionals. 

Isn’t it time we treat ourselves and our teams with as much thoughtfulness and care as we do our attendees?



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