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How do we love thee? Let us count the ways with our new functionality

It's all about the love with these new platform features & updates. We have added new email filters, import functionality, & more!

Feb 9, 2022


We have been listening to all of your requests & needs, and we thought the best way to show our love was to release our new features.

So without further ado, allow us to count the ways we are showing our love

  • MASS IMPORT ABILITY- You can now import all your contacts and sponsor & exhibitor companies into the platform within SECONDS! Get started today.

  • DELIVERABLES EMAIL FILTER - That's right, gone are the days of it taking HOURS to email those sponsor and exhibitors who are still missing deliverables or even worse are past due. Now all you have to do is choose an email template, select the deliverable, and choose if everyone who receives that deliverable or just those who still need to submit it need the email. VOILA you just spent 2 minutes sending an email and got back 298 minutes (basically 5 hours).

  • EVENT SPECIFIC CONTACTS - Select exactly which contacts for each organization should get communications for that specific event. Add as many of each as you need to maximize the effectiveness of your customer engagement communications.

Coming Soon...

It won't stop there, we are always listening, reading, and discussing what additional functionality our customers need. We are currently working on additional email variable capabilities, user permission levels, event calendar, deliverable due date notifications, and MORE.

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